- Aged between 18-35 years old.
- Sign the contract and accept the terms and conditions.
- Pay the deposit which is equal to one month’s rent.
- Attach a document of proof for your university or job.


How much do I have to pay?

Your deposit is equal to one monthly payment for your room plus €100, so if the price of your room is €400 you will pay €500 for your deposit.

What is it for?

You can pay in two ways: by bank transfer or in cash.

What is the deposit?

a) To formalise the reservation of your room. Once you have paid the booking of the room It is blocked automatically for you, in case of cancellation the deposit will be lost.
b) To assure us that the room will be in the same condition when you leave as when you arrived. For this reason we don’t allow you to pay the last month’s rent with the money from the deposit.

How can I pay the deposit?

You can pay by bank transfer, paypal, credit card or by cash.

Who keeps the deposit?

The deposit is kept by Erasmo´s Room.

When will you return the deposit?

On the last day of your stay in the flat, Erasmo´s Room will verify that everything is in its correct condition, and after this is checked your deposit will be returned within a maximum period of 30 days..

Conditions necessary for the return of the deposit:

- You have paid all the corresponding monthly payments and have met all the clauses of the contract.
- You leave the room clean and without litter as the room was given to you on arrival.
- You return the room keys (portal, flat entrance and room).

How the deposit is returned:

- The deposit will be returned within a maximum period of 30 days after the end of the contract.
- If the customer decides to leave the room before their scheduled departure date, the deposit will be lost as is indicated in the contract.
- If the customer decides to leave the room before their scheduled departure date must finds someone to replace them in the flat for the same dates and that meets the requirements of Erasmo´s Room.



From the moment that you have indicated online that you intend to sign the contract and have paid the deposit, the contact is understood as completed. The signature of the contract is only proof of its existence. From this moment Erasmo´s Room will stop advertising the room and make the room unavailable to others.

*The contract

The student or young professional will be able to increase their contract duration by giving a warning one month in advance providing they have the approval of the Erasmo´s Room team.
The contract will terminate on the date established in this document, but this can be annulled if the client breaks the company’s rules.

*Monthly fee and expenses

- The payment for the rent of the room will be received between the 1st-5th of every month.
- If the client (with good reason) will be late with their payment they will have to communicate this to the Erasmo´s Room team. If not, the company could charge 3 % of the monthly revenue as surcharge, for every day of the delay.
- Relating to the months of arrival and departure the customer has to pay proportionally the days of stay if it is stipulated in contract. If the contract does not specify anything about it, the complete monthly payment should be paid.
- All expenses are included in the price of the rent of the room, except if an excessive amount of consumption has taken place.
- The monthly fee will be paid by bank transfer to the account number provided by Erasmo´s Room (indicating your name and number of room) or in cash.

*Maintenance of the flat

- The flat is not a hotel. For this reason all chores like washing clothes, cleaning your room, preparing food, etc… will be your responsibility.
- A cleaning service of the communal areas is included in the price.
- If someone thinks that the person in charge of the cleanliness and maintenance of the common areas doesn’t do their work well, you must communicate this to the Erasmo´s Room team. In the same way it is also necessary to respect the cleaner by leaving the common areas in a good condition in order to facilitate their work.
- In the case of breakdowns and damages you will have to inform the Erasmo´s Room team as soon as possible so that we can deal with the problem quickly. (If the problem has been caused by a client they will be responsible for paying for the repair).


- For your safety, close the door and lock with the key.
- Do not open the door to strangers. If anybody from the Erasmo´s Room team has to visit your flat we will inform you.
- Be careful with candles, incenses and when you cook …
- If you smell gas, open doors and windows to ventilate the flat and close the key of the gas. Then call urgently the Erasmo´s Room team.
- Do not leave objects of value and money in sight. The Erasmo´s Room team is not responsible for the loss or theft of belongings inside the flat.
- Advice: Madrid is a popular tourist city and for this reason pickpockets can take advantage of any carelessness. Take special care on the metro and when you are in crowds of people, this is when they most take advantage of people and commit thefts.


- Problems in the flat: If one of your housemates becomes seriously ill, it is your obligation to ring the telephone number 112 and ask for medical assistance or an ambulance. If the illness is not so serious we hope that you will help your housemate with meals, medicine and attention etc.
- So that everyone can enjoy the internet service speed, we recommend that you do not download movies excessively etc...
- The Erasmo´s Room team can visit the flat at any time to fix breakdowns, have reviews, meetings etc. This is permitted always in common areas as the lease is per room.
- If problems arise living with any of your flatmates please try to fix them amongst yourselves by talking calmly and being understanding. If the problems persist you must let the Erasmo´s Room team know.
- Correspondence: Letters arriving owner's name or some person not living in the apartment, the team must deliver Erasmo´s Room.
- Neighbours: we must respect the hours of rest for our neighbours in order to maintain a good relationship with them.
In the case that the neighbours disturb you or make your stay difficult in the flat you must notify the Erasmo´s Room team.


Erasmo´s Room is more than just a rental and accommodation agency. We also organise events, parties and trips through our LoParty App. We welcome enquiries about our offers and suggestions at


- The cleanliness and care of the flat are basic necessities for a good atmosphere and conviviality. Although there is a cleaning service provided for the communal areas, it is also necessary for flatmates to take care and maintain the cleanliness of common areas themselves.
- Ventilate the rooms every day.
- Clean pans, pots etc, and cut food on wooden boards, etc...
- Clean the hob with appropriate products.
- DO NOT accumulate rubbish bags. Odours can be unpleasant and give a bad image.
Set a day when each of you will take the bins out.


It is important to respect others. Respecting the customs and cultures of others is also basic to ensure you all get on well.
- Try not to impose your opinion on others and to respect the point of view of the rest of your flatmates. and to put in the place of other one is extremely important.
- Regarding your neighbours please respect their hours of rest. In the event that you do have friends over please close all the windows so as to disturb them as little as possible.
- Respect and keep clean the common areas etc.


The Erasmo´s Room team is always looking to improve and we accept any constructive criticisms that can help us to grow each day. For this reason we welcome any suggestions, critiques and ideas.

Please write to us: